Taste and quality since 1972

The Torti family
Tutto parte nel 1972 dalla passione di due fratelli

Back then, the fruit and vegetable market opened at dawn.
The bell would ring, all the buyers would come in, and there would be pure bargaining," I want, instead I don't I give," the price would be formulated based on the quantity coming in and the people buying. Everything on the spot. From an early age we breathed the air of negotiations. Our first ancestor traded fodder. In 1972 two brothers founded Fratelli Torti Srl specializing in potatoes and onions.



Nel 94 abbiamo comprato il primo posteggio al mercato Ortofrutticolo di Milano e dato il via all'avventura di Tortifrutta, nata per l'esigenza di diversificare gli articoli e l'intenzione di intraprendere una strada parallela a quella dell’azienda madre, con una visione proiettata alle esigenze del mercato 2.0.


Nazionale ed estero

Alessandro racconta: “Correva l'anno 1994 quando abbiamo rilevato un singolo posteggio, nel 2003 abbiamo duplicato la postazione, e successivamente quadruplicata per le esigenze odierne. Inizialmente ci siamo concentrati sugli articoli del magazzino e quelli locali, poi andando avanti con gli anni abbiamo ampliato la gamma degli articoli nazionali ed estera".

Innovazione e futuro

"Tailor-made freshness: rely on Fratelli Torti for the logistics of your fruit and vegetable products."


Milan wholesale fruit and vegetable market

We have a large space within the newly renovated vegetable market where we conduct our wholesale fruit and vegetable business.


Molino dei Torti Logistics Platform (AL)

At the branch office in Molino dei Torti (AL) we have a logistics platform for loading and unloading, handling and cold storage of its fruit and vegetable products.


Fast delivery service

Service in which we specialized in all its facets: from timing, to delivery, to packaging.

I plus

In addition to being one of the largest stalls in MILAN'S FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET, we have a wide range of items that allows customers to economize their time. We give a decidedly FAST service because the customer comes in, buys, and within half an hour can return to his business with the goods ready to sell at his stall.

Today we boast a team that respects itself and loves teamwork, we have more staff, which speeds things up and allows us to better serve the customer. Having breathed this air from an early age, we know that the more comprehensive the range, the sooner the loyalty process starts. That is why we strive, through continuous research, to provide product continuity. Our supply chain is completed with Partners who are now loyal thanks to whom we manage to have the same items for 12 months of the year, obviously changing the production areas, though always in Italy.We give a decidedly FAST service because the customer enters, buys and within half an hour an hour can return to his business with the goods ready to sell at his counter.


Wide range of fruit and vegetables (domestic and foreign)

Efficient, quick and timely daily distribution

Serious interlocutor between producers, customers and end consumers

Quality assurance and traceability for all products

Reliable exporter

Controlled product that complies with market requirements (HCCP)